Revisiting Jimmy Eat World — Bleed American (2001)

Jimmy Eat World — Bleed American album cover

I’m not alone ’cause the TV’s on,

yeah I’m not crazy ’cause I take the right pills

every day And rest, clean your conscience,

clear your thoughts with Speyside with your grain

I’m on my feet, I’m on the floor, I’m good to go

So come on, Davey, sing me something that I know

I want to always feel like part of this was mine

I want to fall in love tonight

Jimmy Eat World — The Middle

There was a girl who wrote in saying that she was not feeling like she fit in at her school, because she wasn’t punk enough. I guess [The Middle] is sort of directed at her. People love to argue about what “punk rock” means, but I think a basic tenet that everyone might agree on is a level of open-mindedness. I just found it funny that these people who were identifying with punk would be closed-minded towards someone for not being punk enough, and just felt like, “They don’t get it, and you shouldn’t worry about them.” — Jim Adkins (Jimmy Eat World)

Are you listening?

May angels lead you in

Hear you me my friends

On sleepless roads the sleepless go

May angels lead you in

Jimmy Eat World — Hear You Me

With one hand high, you’ll show them your progress

You’ll take your time, but no one cares

No one cares

Jimmy Eat World — Sweetness @ Reading Festival 2011



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Church Rowe

Songwriter, musician, poet, father, husband, backpacker & farmer, with a minor in construction. Also, a backseat philosopher.